a world with you [switzerland]

Life lately has been lived at full out rocket ship speed.

I’ve overused the analogy but I truly feel like currently my life is a car going 200 mph; I’m in the driver’s seat but I’m most definitely not the one steering (thanks God!).


Switzerland has been on my list forever but when our friend Joey invited Alba and I out to join him on his month long stay we thought there was no way we could swing it.

I was in the midst of signing a lease to stay in the UK for at least another 6 months, finishing up classes, turning in final papers, preparing to move to a new flat and locking in a job full time for the Summer.

And yet the thought remained.. why not?

So I guess it really shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise when last Thursday I woke up and decided that instead of dealing with all of my real responsibilities shouldn’t I probably just go to Switzerland instead?


It went a little something like this..

April 20th

7am: Wake Up

8:30am: Decide to look at flights on a whim

9:30am: Call Alba to be talked out of buying said flight. Get talked into it instead.

10am: Go to work

7pm: Meet Alba to ‘discuss possibly/maybe/potentially going’

7:07pm: Buy flights to Switzerland

April 21st

4am: Wake up for flight to Zurich

‘Spontaneous’ will probably never be a top trait that anyone will use to describe me but man it felt good to borrow it for a weekend.


We grabbed a rental car and set out west from Zurich with an end destination of Interlaken. We rolled down the windows, cranked up some Ed Sheeran and used the phrase, “I can’t believe we did this!” about .. 37 .. times. Along the way we drove alongside turquoise lakes and rolling hills until we hit the Alps.

Lunch was a picnic along the river and some much needed girl talk in medieval Lucerne. We explored a bit and then continued on; making stops whenever we felt the urge and finding beautiful little towns and docks along the way.

Saturday we set out with Joey to some of his favorite spots including Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald (shoutout to all my fellow HP fans).

A short gondola ride later and we were in the mountainside town of Mürren; spotted with alpine wooden cabins, goats and sun-basking tourists and locals alike enjoying a midday pint at a Chateau built into the cliff.

Can anything beat a picnic lunch, great people and incredible views??


Sunday our end goal was a waterfall hike near Amden but thanks to a snow blocked mountain pass and some lacking navigational skills on my part (or Apple Maps but the jury’s still out on that one..) we ended up seeing a good deal more of the countryside than we bargained for before getting there.


Those moments always end up being some of my favorites while traveling.

We could have gone around the closed road – but then we never would have been on an empty road above the clouds in the snow. Or found the perfect roadside kebab place on our way down. Or stumbled upon a desolate dock on Lake Lauerz that looked like a scene from the North Shore of MN (with the casual addition of some mountains).


We wrapped up the weekend gazing out over Lake Walensee and I was left reflecting on how sweet life is sometimes.

This is what I wanted moving to Europe to be.

A impulsive decision to spend a weekend in the mountains. The chance to hop on an hour and a half flight to a completely different place to meet up with someone brought into our lives by complete chance.


Switzerland was a reminder that I serve a God that gives good, good gifts. I was left in awe of Him, of His creation and of the story and life I get to live.


And RIP to our constant companion Winston^

(aka WINNY DA BISH for my fellow New Girl fans)

**Thanks to Albs and Joey for letting me steal all their pictures. Y’all are the best.


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