Bardwells Take Europe [england + ireland]

The month of visitors wrapped up with all 6 Bardwells touching down in Europe.


Between the 6 of us we covered England, Ireland, Iceland, France, Scotland and the Czech Republic in a span of 9 days. Oy.

We had a blast running all over London together for a few days. Highlights included touring the Churchill War Rooms, the Tower of London, showing them my neighborhood/church/school, going to Hyde and Green Park, Sunday Roast at a pub, seeing the new Beauty and the Beast movie (90’s kids 4eva), exploring Westminster and the Big Ben area and getting the parents properly tipsy at my pub on a Tuesday night.

Jord and Siah then took off with friends to the Continent and the rents, Kaleb and I headed for Dublin and a few days road tripping around Western Ireland.

We grabbed a rental car and trekked across the country through farm fields, signs for castles and Cork in the South to the coast (making a quick pit stop at the Guinness Storehouse first of course).

We stayed in Kenmare which is officially the cutest little town right on the edge of Killarney National Park (think P.S. I Love You movie scenery..). The next morning we grabbed the best scones and clotted cream of my life from a local bakery and took off on the Ring of Kerry around the Iveragh Peninsula.


A thousand terrifying curves and switchbacks and driving on the left hand side of the road were all worth it for the incredible views. The pictures do not do it justice at all so all I can say is head for the West Coast of Ireland as soon as humanely possible and thank me later.


We wrapped up in the seaside town of Dingle – playing cards, drinking more Guinness and eating far too many plates of fish and chips, crab sandwiches and fresh salmon.

We arrived back in London just in time for U.K. Mothers Day so we celebrated with lunch at Granger and Co. and exploring Notting Hill and Kenwood House at Hampstead Heath.

I then got Kevdog and Kimmy all to myself for the next couple days which we filled with hitting every possible corner of London via bus, long walks, church round two, a day at Windsor Castle and seeing Mamma Mia the Musical.

And just like that the month of visitors had wrapped up.

March was a complete blur of travel, laughter, trying to maintain some sort of attention span to school and feeling spoiled by the relationships that I have. I’ve said it before but I just feel so blessed to have so many people support and encourage my time over here. It’s no small commitment to give up time, money and PTO to fly 4,000 miles and all I can say is thank you!

And with that, I’m off to work on some papers.

Because rumor has it I’m over here to get a degree?



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