month in review: october

I have no idea where October went.

This month started in Scotland and has been a blur ever since. I returned home from Denmark and Norway on Monday night and realized that I. was. exhausted. Not in a bad way – but that tired you feel when you’ve been running through life and haven’t stopped in oh, 30 days or so.

It’s been an amazing month. Everything from finally being able to watch the Vikings in a pub to midterms to spending a weekend being a groupie for one of Alba’s incredibly talented Cali friends on her UK tour (check out Joy Oladokun on Spotify – you won’t regret it!) to Fall Break travel to finding a church home and everything in between.

Without further ado, October in pictures:

I won tickets to the Harry Potter play at Palace Theater!! The play is sold out through December 2018 and I had very low hopes for ever getting to see it. Each week there’s a lottery called the “Friday Forty” where they release 40 seats for 40pounds per ticket. I was sitting at brunch with a couple friends, decided to enter just like I had for the past month or so and out of thousands of people got through to purchase tickets! There was a great deal of screaming and disbelief but the next weekend I found myself down in West End sitting front row and watching Harry, Ron and Hermione. Magical you could say 😉


Ah, Copenhagen how I love you. We explored the canals and abandoned fortresses along the waterfront, found a beautiful botanical garden/greenhouse, ate chocolate dipped waffles at Nyhavn, drank way too many steins with new Australian friends at the hostel bar and were turned down when we tried to offer our seats on the metro to an elderly woman (bottom right picture). She had a solid 60 years on me but gave me a grin and said, “No thanks! I’m off in 2 stops!” Here’s to hoping I have the same attitude at 80.

Norway – the land so expensive you’re forced to lock yourself in your Airbnb room, turn on some Gilmore Girls and grab frozen pizza from the 7/11 🙂 Oslo left something to be desired but Bergen was everything I wanted Norway to be. I took the train over the pass through the mountains in central Norway and spent the next day cruising through the fjords north of Bergen.

I think the best part of October has been how normal and settled I feel living in London. Yesterday I was stopped – twice – to be asked for directions. I meandered around the part of my neighborhood I hadn’t explored yet. I got groceries. I stopped by the Victoria & Albert Museum for a couple hours. I went to a worship night at my church and was overwhelmed with God’s presence. I felt like a Londoner and it felt wonderful.


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