one month

The one month mark (!) has officially hit and I’ve stopped today to think about the past 30 days in London.

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I could talk about all the clichés.. Life abroad is AMAZING and EXCITING and SCARY and oh the pubs! And the beautiful homes! And the changing perspectives on the whole world! etc. And although all those things are good and wonderful I want to remember more than that. I don’t want to settle for clichés or vague memories.


Life abroad is stopping when a particularly beautiful score comes on my Spotify playlist and simply staring out the coffee shop window for a bit.

Life abroad is having my beliefs confronted every damn day and coming out better for it.

Life abroad is smiling every time I hear a different language, accent or intonation around me.

Life abroad is getting to the heart of conversation with friends from back home.

Life abroad is being confused when you want one thing one day and completely change your mind the next .. and allowing yourself the grace for that.

Life abroad is not knowing what the next step is.

Life abroad is exchanging a smile with a stranger that says, “Yeah I’m new here too. You’re not alone.”

Life abroad is missing what you knew, and being surprised how much you don’t miss in the same breath.

Life abroad is change. Change that doesn’t feel like a punishment or bereavement but a good gift.

I’ve been afforded the chance to just slow. down. To take in a moment – no matter how big or small it is.


And because it can’t all be deep and serious here’s me drinking wine at 11:30am on a Wednesday 😀






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