the (travel) life list

Since I was 18 I’ve kept a written bucket/life list of things I want to do, see and be over the course of my life. At first it leant towards chasing that elusive checked off feeling but as I’ve grown older I’ve realized what they tell you in all those inspirational Leadership talks really are true. Setting dreams and goals on paper make them tangible. They make them feel real when talking about them feels unrealistic or even ridiculous. At the end of a long day of work I’d pull out my list, gaze at the experiences that I wanted to have and remind myself that I was now that much closer to getting there.

I’ve pulled out the travel related items — Europe/Beyond and London specific — and am posting them here as a reminder to myself of all that this year abroad can be.

(And if anyone has advice/recommendations/comments relating to these send them my way!)

Europe and Beyond:

  1. Stand at the foot of the Egyptian Pyramids
  2. Eat fish tacos on the beach in Spain (Feb 2017)
  3. Go on an African safari
  4. Walk where Jesus walked in the Middle East
  5. Fly somewhere on a whim (Switzerland! April 2017)
  6. Travel to every continent (except Antarctica cause so cold)
  7. See Siena with Beckah (March 2017)
  8. Zipline through a jungle in South America
  9. Walk along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice (March 2017)
  10. Ski in the Swiss Alps
  11. Hike along the Amalfi Coast (March 2017)
  12. Spend an afternoon at the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen (Oct 2016)
  13. Walk across Charles Bridge in Prague
  14. See the Mediterranean Sea from Santorini
  15. Bike along the canals in Amsterdam (June 2017)
  16. Peer over the edge of the Cliffs of Moher (March 2017)
  17. Drink a stein at Oktoberfest
  18. Drive through the Scottish Highlands (Sept 2016)
  19. Take the train down to Cornwall
  20. Take a thermal bath in Budapest
  21. Straddle two continents on a boat on the Bosporus in Istanbul
  22. Cruise Norway’s fjords (Oct 2016)
  23. Stand inside the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (Feb 2017)
  24. Read a book at a coffee shop in Oxford (and visit Christ Church!) (Nov 2016)
  25. Drink tea in the Cotswalds (April 2017)
  26. Do the Harry Potter studio tour (Dec 2016)
  27. Stand atop Edinburgh Castle (Oct 2016)


  1. See the crown jewels in the Tower of London (March 2017)
  2. Listen to an evensong at Westminster Abbey
  3. Tour the House of Parliament
  4. Pretend I’m royalty and walk through Buckingham Palace’s state rooms (Sept 2016)
  5. Go ice skating at Sommerset House at Christmas
  6. Visit the Natural History Museum (March 2017)
  7. Visit the V&A Museum (Sept 2016)
  8. Visit the British Museum (Dec 2016)
  9. See a show at the Globe Theatre (June 2017)
  10. Walk across the top of Tower Bridge
  11. Bring a picnic to Hyde Park (Oct 2016)
  12. See a show at West End (HP and the Cursed Child!!) (Oct 2016)
  13. Have brunch in Nothing Hill (Sept 2016)
  14. Eat Sunday roast at the Builder’s Arms (March 2017)

With many, many more to come!


Travel Richer

(^cheesy, but true) 


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