week 1

What. A. Week.


home sweet home

The last 7 days have been a blur of flights, taxis, tube rides, grocery shopping, settling in to my apartment, orientation, pub crawls, boat rides on the Thames and walking everywhere and anywhere.


first pub dinner (ale and pie)

London is stunningly beautiful at one turn and quaint and charming at the next. Then you take a tube ride one stop down and it’s gritty and hipster. The diversity is everywhere and more than that – embraced. Someone commented that in America we’re always looking to be a melting pot where people come in and become Americans, blending in with our culture. In London, people represent their cultures, embody their uniqueness and live together nevertheless. My flat looks down on a side street where posh Moms walk their kids in prams alongside backpacking, guitar playing men singing “Let It Be” on the steps of the hostel for hours on end.

Amazingly (no one is more surprised than me) London already feels.. dare I say it.. homey. Minnesota, you have my heart but the transition has gone more smoothly than I ever could have dreamed — it feels so right to be here.


plotting how to break in and *somehow* get tickets


pub crawlin’


hillsong london!

Here’s to week 2 in London, the first week of class, trying any new restaurant/pub we can find and somehow coming out the other side with any money left.


2 thoughts on “week 1

  1. Kels, So glad you are settling in and feeling at home so quickly! This will be an awesome experience for you! Hillsong London? Wow! I’m jealous! Talk soon!
    Love ya, Dad


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